Both the MBA, PGDM, ( Master of Business Administration and Post Graduate Diploma in Management ), sometimes known as the Post Graduate Programme in Management, are management-related courses. The differences between the PGDM and MBA are minimal and both programmes emphasize business principles. Business-oriented degrees include the MBA and PGDM.

The Best MBA college in Indore offers a variety of alternatives for these degrees. Both courses are primarily intended to prepare students for entering management or moving up the corporate ladder.

The university normally develops the MBA course curriculum. In two MBA institutions affiliated with the same university, the basic curriculum will mostly be the same. However, each institute chooses its PGPM or PGDM programmes. This allows the course programme some flexibility.

Every year, the curriculum is modified according to the business needs. Candidates who complete PGP and PGDM programmes obtain a diploma, but those who complete MBA programmes receive a degree. However, both programmes have the same job prospects.

MBA and PGDM: Primary Differences Between Popular Courses

When considering taking a management degree, students frequently become confused when noting the distinctions between an MBA and a PGDM. Despite similarities in the course content, some significant variances might help us determine whether an MBA or PGDM is more valuable.

If the college has received AICTE approval, the PGDM is comparable to the MBA. Career goals, finances, academic credentials and performance on MBA entrance exams, college ranking and placement history, and PGDM vs MBA income in India are the main criteria we may use to decide between MBA and PGDM programmes.

Although MBA is the more popular course compared to PGDM, a rising number of students are progressively directing their attention toward PGDM in Indore due to its course curriculum, which took into account the current situation when it was built and updated.

The prerequisites for both the MBA and the PGDM are the same: applicants must have an undergraduate degree in any field from an accredited state or central institution.

Both the MBA and the PGDM last for two years, which is roughly the same. However, a few organizations provide PGDM programmes that last a year.

MBA And PGDM Syllabus

The PGDM Syllabus is structured such that it would give applicants a comprehensive understanding and instruction of the management industry through a hands-on approach. The topics covered by PGDM courses include Managerial Economics, Accounting for Management, Business Communication, Information Technology Management, Marketing Management, etc.

The PGDM course structure is divided into two categories: a series of required courses that cover all management fundamentals and a set of optional courses that focus on developing career skills and knowledge. Core and elective subjects are both included in the PGDM course programme.

The PGDM Course List is broken down into 4 semesters, each of which focuses on a different topic. In the majority of the best MBA college in Indore, the first year’s curriculum is identical for all PGDM specialties.

The curriculum for MBA programmes is intended to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the many facets of the management industry and how it fits into the larger business context.

The topics covered in MBA courses are quite diverse and include things like Managerial Economics, Accounting for Management, Business Communication, Information Technology Management, Marketing Management, etc. Instilling management and entrepreneurial abilities in students is a major goal of the MBA Syllabus.

Students must be familiar with each specialization’s syllabus to comprehend the MBA specialization they would select. Students who are interested in banking and other financial topics should review the MBA Finance Syllabus. The MBA HR Course should be reviewed by students who are considering becoming HR executives.

Without a doubt, marketing-focused students should explore the MBA Marketing Curriculum. Students can study the MBA Digital Marketing course if they are simply interested in the electronic form of marketing.

MBA and PGDM Courses Entrance Exams

PGDM and MBA are the two programs that are considered the most promising management degrees offered by various MBA colleges across the country. Admission to top colleges for PGDM in Indore is based on the candidate’s score in an MBA entrance exam that is conducted by different organizations.

In India, there are 8 principal national-level MBA entry examinations. The examinations include the CAT, CMAT, MAT, GMAT, NMAT, XAT, SNAP, and ATMA. The states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana each have their state-level exams, such as the MAH MBA CET, KMAT, AP ICET, TS ICET, etc.

The MBA admission test season typically starts in September or October of each year and lasts through March of the following year. In November, December, and January, there are several well-liked national management tests.

Therefore, the below-detailed schedule of MBA entrance exams would be quite beneficial for you if you intend to sit for these tests this year. The admission tests for MBA programmes vary.

Others assist you in obtaining college admission at the national scale, some at the state and local level, and some are held by selective schools for MBA admissions. You can choose any of the three possibilities, depending on the degree of difficulty and competitiveness you’re ready to deal with.

However, as you get closer to the latter, the number of universities you may apply to based solely on your exam scores declines.

Top colleges in Indore for MBA and PGDM programmes

The major reasons to enroll in a degree or diploma programme are to advance your career and find better employment prospects. Top universities that give PGDMs should be AICTE approved, while institutions that offer MBA degrees must be linked with universities.

1. Renaissance University, Indore


In addition to offering management degrees at the UG and PG, Diploma, and Doctoral levels, this institution offers the best MBA and PGDM in Indore. For courses at Renaissance University, Indore, both full-time and distance learning options are available.

Once eligibility has been established, applicants may proceed with the admission test. Students who attend the university may stay in comfortable dorms thanks to the university’s hostel facilities. The rigorous training and learning environment at Renaissance University educate the students to contribute to the organization in a way that can help bring about development.

This is the reason why the Renaissance always witnesses an influx of businesses each year. The institute has a placement cell set up to carry out the legendary placement procedure, aiming for the best compatibility between the learners and the businesses and assisting both of these parties in making educated decisions.

2. Indore Institute of Management & Research

Indore Institute of Management & Research

One of the best MBA colleges in Indore is the Indore Institute of Management & Research.

Here, you may take courses in management, business administration and all the related specializations of MBA. Whether you are a student or a working professional, you can opt for either a full-time MBA or distance learning program from the best MBA college in Indore.

You can enroll in undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programmes in popular courses including MBA and PGDM.

According to data given to AICTE, the placement rate as per reported by the alumni of this college has been outstanding in the past couple of years. The placement percentages are illustrative and do not account for any lateral student enrolment or the number of students who did not participate in placements.

3. NMIMS Indore

NMIMS Indore

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies: The finest PGDM in Indore is available at this institute, which also provides management degrees at the UG and PG levels. There are several different fields of study available at NMIMS Indore, including management and business administration, engineering and architecture, computer applications, and IT.

At the UG level, the university provides 7 programmes. Only the full-time study style is available for NMIMS Indore courses. The qualifying requirements must be met by students who wish to apply for the NMIMS Indore courses. Students can continue with the NMIMS Indore entrance examination after confirming they are eligible.

The NMIMS Indore placement unit invites renowned individuals to mentor and counsel the school’s students. The placement office at NMIMS Indore offers its students the chance to intern throughout the summer.

4. Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore

Jaipuria Institute of Management

Two courses are available at Jaipuria Indore in the field of management and business administration. One of the best MBA colleges in Indore is the Jaipuria Institute of Management, which also offers PG-level courses. The institute offers two courses: PGDM and FPM.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management is the definition of PGDM. The Jaipuria Indore degree is exclusively offered as a full-time study option. In 2020, 98 % of students of the Jaipuria Institute of Management in Indore were placed. Over 375 companies inspected the institute and held recruitment drives in 2020.

5. SIMS Indore

SIMS Indore

Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science: There are courses available at the undergraduate and graduate levels at the Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science. Full-time courses are available through SIMS Indore.

The courses offered at the Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science include B.B.A., B.Com, B.Com Taxation, B.C.A., P.G.D.M., Executive P.G.D.M., and M.B.A. For its MTech and B.E. programmes, the institute offers additional specializations.

Candidates must first satisfy the eligibility requirements to be admitted to the Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science courses. The institute’s placement cell assists with final-year student placement. Additionally, the cell offers placement training. The SIMS Indore placement programme includes soft skill training, industrial visits, guest lectures, personality development training, and more.

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MBA graduates should ensure that finding a job is not difficult after earning their degree. There are several careers accessible in India after earning an MBA, and it is entirely up to you to select the best one.

Depending on the PGDM Specialization chosen, the PGDM course gives candidates a variety of career possibilities, including operations manager, project manager, HR manager, and operations consultant.

One can discover a lot of work chances in the private and public sectors and earn between INR 5 and 10 LPA after graduating from the best PGDM college near me.

Master of Business Administration, or MBA. The Harvard Business School began offering the course in 1908. It’s done to expand your network, advance your career, earn high pay, land a high-profile job, and increase your business acumen. Your understanding of several business-related subjects, including statistics, finance, communication, marketing, and entrepreneurship, ultimately grow.

Students who pursue an MBA are prepared to manage people, launch their businesses, and deal with complex financial issues. MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs come in a variety of formats, including executive, online, full-time, and part-time programs.

Depending on your objectives and tastes, you can pick either one of them. Part-time study is the best option for you if you want to acquire an MBA while working full-time.

You can take the best MBA course in Indore by getting admission to the best college in Indore and fast accelerate your career and job profile.

The usefulness of pursuing an MBA

Usefulness of pursuing MBA

One of the most well-liked and sought-after programs is the MBA (Master of Business Administration). Many students apply to the MBA program’s several specialties.

1. Development of management skills

The greatest program for acquiring managerial skills—which are crucial for running a business—is the MBA. Regardless of the MBA concentration you select, you will ultimately build core competencies, such as entrepreneurship and people management skills, through each course.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to deal with challenging circumstances like financial problems.

Additionally, you will learn about selecting the best candidates, examining market data, enhancing the company’s reputation, and successfully managing funds.

2. Variety of specializations

Based on your objectives and long-term intentions, you can choose from a wide range of specialties offered by MBA. You can choose from a large variety of specialties and programs offered by various colleges.

If you wish to learn the skills necessary to launch your firm, you could choose general management. This can be the ideal course for you if you wish to work internationally, in multinational corporations with offices across the world, or if you desire to grow and expand your company internationally.

3. Business network growth

A tremendous networking opportunity arises with an MBA. You get to engage in a lot of social interaction and create networks. You will initially interact with other students, faculty members, and teaching assistants in college. You will have a variety of possibilities to learn from and engage with your lecturers at the best MBA college because they are accomplished business people with substantial knowledge and management abilities.

They may provide you with insightful information on running a firm. You will also have the opportunity to speak with former students and participate in a variety of international events to gain a thorough awareness of the business world.

4. Good salary

Getting a nice, expensive bundle at the end of an MBA program is the most exciting aspect. The large income packages that MBA courses offer are what distinguish them from other programs and drive up their popularity and demand.

Who wouldn’t want to land a well-known position with a lucrative salary? Gaining an MBA gives you employment security and better pay than those with regular degrees, which is a bonus. They may be able to offer you insightful advice on running a business.

For a deeper knowledge of the world, you will also have the opportunity to interact with students who have graduated in the past.

5. Entrepreneurship

Many ambitious business owners wish to learn and launch their ventures. As was already mentioned, MBA programs have knowledgeable teachers with a strong background in business management. You can discover a lot about running and growing a firm under their direction.

You can also form a network with others who share your interests and communicate with them to discuss your ideas and dreams. If you believe they are trustworthy and have similar interests, you can even partner with them to launch your firm. You can pick up a lot of communication knowledge.

As you study to collectively bargain with influential investors or suppliers and explain your thoughts and objectives, strong communication skills can be of great assistance to your firm.

Common MBA Courses opted for by students and professionals

Common MBA Courses opted for by students and professionals

Management degrees can be further segregated into various courses. Depending on the career path and the level of experience of an individual, he or she can choose the particular course from the best MBA college which would help them or boost their career. Have a look at the below options of management courses that a student can opt for.

1. MBA program

The Master of Business Administration program at School of Management at Renaissance University’s School of Management is carried out across four semesters. The MBA program at the best college for MBA in Indore has a different goal and stands out for its flexibility and inventiveness. We may be distinguished from a traditional theory-based management program with ease. A manager cannot be manufactured in a factory with a two-year production cycle with credibility.

2. BBA+MBA(IPM) 5 years with Internship

The BBA (HONS) + MBA program at Renaissance University’s School of Management is a creatively created dual degree program that combines the BBA and MBA undergraduate and graduates degrees.

The student will receive a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the best college for BBA + MBA Integrated Course in Indore after completing five years. After the twelfth grade, life appears to be at a crossroads. There are numerous options and destinations.

3. BBA (Hons.) 4 years with internship

An undergraduate student’s power pack learning capsule is the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA Hons.) curriculum at Renaissance University. The curriculum makes a significant effort to address the needs of managers in the field of business administration.

This program is unique because it consistently takes the approach of the best BBA college for helping students to grow academically while also improving their whole personalities by giving them real-world experience.

4. Ph.D. – Management

A doctoral-level business administration course is the Ph.D. in Business Management. The tasks involved in running a business, such as managing, leading, overseeing, organizing, and planning, are referred to as business management.

A Ph.D. in business management which is considered the best MBA course in Indore takes three years to complete. This course covers topics like banking, accounting, global marketing, theory of banking, advanced accounting, advanced accounting, seminar in banking, and strategic information systems, among others.

You can avail the Ph.D. in Management from the best college for MBA in Indore.

5. PGDM International

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management-International (PGDM-International), which has been authorized by AICTE, Govt. of India, is offered by Renaissance University’s School of Management. The PGDM-International program lasts for four semesters.

The most noteworthy aspect is its implausible goal of giving the students a comprehensive perspective in all areas of management education, including introduction to the global scene. The PGDM is a tailored programme created for people who want to explore their prospects in a wider area and have a global perspective.

The learnings in this curriculum are highly directed and focused on the “International” component in addition to the fundamentals of management education.

Management specializations offered at the Renaissance University

Management specializations offered at the Renaissance University

A student or a working professional can opt from one of the many management specializations according to his interest. Even a working professional can opt for a management specialization that would suit his working experience. Below are some of the MBA specializations offered by the best MBA college.

1. MBA in Accounting

Graduates of an MBA in Accounting are prepared to collect, organize, evaluate, and convey economic data. People with an MBA in accounting can work in a range of areas, from jobs in the C-Suite to positions in governmental organizations.

Some of the subjects taught in Accounting would include Audit, Financial reporting, and analysis, taxation, business environment, etc.

2. MBA in Finance

The fast-paced and thrilling characteristics of the financial industry attracts a lot of students to an MBA in Finance from the best MBA college. Financial analysts gather operational data, determine prices for goods and services, offer cost analyses to businesses, and spot patterns.

Every company has a financial department at its core. The top subjects taught in Financial MBA are Investment Analysis, Managerial Economics, Financial Analysis and Modelling, International Financial Management, etc.

3. MBA in Marketing

Students who pursue an MBA in marketing from the best college for MBA in Indore are prepared to develop, market, charge for and manage goods and services. Participants will leave this program with a thorough understanding of consumer behavior as well as the skills necessary to interact effectively with consumers.

This curriculum may include subjects like Customer analysis, Sales Management, Customer Relationship Management, Global marketing management, etc.

4. MBA in Human Resources Management (HR)

A company’s employees are its most valuable asset. They wouldn’t be where they are now if not for their staff. Human resource specialists are necessary for every business to ensure that their staff is happy and following rules set out by the organization. They’re in charge of resolving any conflicts that arise between employees as well.

Graduates who wish to improve the lives of employees can do so by earning an MBA in human resources degree from the best MBA college near me. Students are required to deep dive into subjects like human resources training and management, performance management, compensation and reward management, Labor Laws, Contemporary employment relations, etc.

5. MBA in Business Analytics

Businesses will require personnel who can analyze and comprehend big data as they become more and more reliant on technology and information collection to inform their decisions. Graduates of an MBA program in analytics intelligence which is considered the best MBA course in Indore are prepared for a profession collecting and analyzing data to help firms increase productivity and profits.

Some universities even offer this specific MBA concentration totally online, offering students the freedom to earn their degree as rapidly as they’d like.

Get admission at Renaissance University


The reasons listed above have given you a quick summary of the advantages of earning an MBA and why every prospective entrepreneur must do so if you have ambitions to launch a company in the near future.

There are multiple specializations of MBA which you can opt from the best college for MBA in India and give a boost to your profile and salary. Management is such a subject that grooms an individual not only from college to corporate but also makes him capable of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

If you’re wondering too, what does the life of a student at Renaissance University look like? In a nutshell, life at Renaissance University is corporate yet fun.

A typical day at Renaissance University starts at 9 am and students are expected to reach the premises 15 minutes earlier, which highly depends on their work commitments. The commitments can involve group project submissions, work assignments, and the list goes on.

If you feel like grabbing a bite, you can hit the cafeteria. The cafeteria at Renaissance University is quite vast and includes all the types of cuisine you want to have.

If you’re curious to know exactly what the life of a Renaissance university was like, let’s dive deep into the article to get a glimpse of life at the Renaissance university:

The campus is a thriving hub for cultural and intellectual activities.

A Glimpse at the Student’s Life

The student life at Renaissance University is filled with extra-curricular activities, development programming, leadership and training opportunities, creative and performing arts, experiential learning, volunteering opportunities, and many more.

The university promotes maximum student engagement and participation in activities by guiding and fostering participation in clubs and events.

These programs and clubs encourage students to participate in the indulging programs and to also focus on these socio-cultural events besides academics.

If you’re someone who’s star struck and admires Bollywood celebrities, then you’d love to know that every year different Bollywood celebrities show their presence at the university and the crowds go gaga over meeting them.

In the past few years, many celebrities have shown their presence at the university, such as Kareena Kapoor and Varun Dhawan. Saif Ali Khan, Aparshakti Khurana, Kriti Sanon, Jimmy Shergil, Akshay Kumar, Ranvijay Singha, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, John Abrahim. Besides, famous and renowned personalities such as Jyotirao Scindia, Sri Sri Ravishankar, and others have appeared at the events.

Annual Fest

1. IndiraDhanush

IndiraDhanush is a cultural fest organized by Renaissance University. It a vibrant and thrilling festival that is organized every year and encourages all the enthusiasts to participate in the joyful and exciting event, creating a healthy competition.

It’s a three-day event that includes insanely buzzing activities such as mono acting, group selfie competitions, no-fuel food, dance, word painting, short film making, extempore, culture walk, and many more exhilarating activities.

The competition in the fest also shows the team spirit of the students and how stoked they’re to kick off the competition.

In 2019, the annual fest got more in the spotlight when this amazing actor, Aparshakti Khurana, showed up at the event and entertained and inspired everyone with his magnetic personality, charm, and incredible speech for the students.

Also, the event was wrapped up with the elegant and marvelous actress, Kriti Kharbanda who immersed the audience in her beautiful charm, mystical beauty, and essence. She announced the winners of the event gracefully, and with that, the event of 2019 abruptly ended with a tug of happiness.

2. Mahasamar

The university organizes Mahasamar, an in-house play with the school of performing arts, by encouraging students to work as performers and participate in screenplays. The plays are specifically designed for students who love to get immersed in stage plays and want to explore them.

Dubai Convocation Workshop

Every student wants to hit a milestone in their life and dreams of achieving great heights in their career.

The university appreciates the students who have big dreams in their lives and hence decided to take the PGDM international batch to Dubai. The university organized lavish meetings and lunches for students for the most awaited day of their lives, “The Convocation Ceremony.”

The opulent convocation ceremony was held at Queen Elizabeth Cruise and Burj Khalifa, where the students were felicitated for their outstanding performances. The Workshop turned out to be great as it was filled with joy, fun, and nostalgic emotions. It got an overwhelming response from students.

Get admission at Renaissance University

Annual Day Fest

The Annual Day Fest is a joyful yet indulgent event for students where all four houses, including Vayu, Prithvi, Jal, and Akash, compete to bag the title.

The event gets kicked off with a unique dance performance in front of an audience and is based on different themes. The Home Minister, Mr. Bala Bachchan, showed up to grace the event. His wise words inspired the students to give their best. The university was extremely grateful to have him at the event.

The theme-based performance was awestruck and successfully captivated the interest of the audience, turning out to be a fantastic show!

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Pablo Picasso Painting Club

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was a Spanish painter, sculptor, print maker, ceramicist and theatre designer. Throughout the long course of his career, he created more than 20,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and other items such as costumes and theatre sets. He is universally renowned as one of the most influential and celebrated artists of the twentieth century.
Pablo Picasso Painting Club at Renaissance University provides a platform to all the members to express their talents in the field of art which otherwise would have remained hidden. It is a community of art enthusiasts with a motive to provide each other a safe space to stay connected and listen to their art. The club has been instrumental in bringing out the creative, expressive and aesthetic potential of each student through various programmes and sessions.

William Somerset Maugham Literature Club

William Somerset Maugham was an English author and playwright. He was one of the highest-paid writers of the early to mid-twentieth century, Maugham wrote fiction, memoir, travelogues, and plays.
The Literature Club at Renaissance University Indore aims to promote all literary related domains such as short story writing, book reading, debating, poem reciting, impromptu speaking, storytelling, creative writing etc. among students. The club throughout the year designs and conducts events aimed at honing these skills.
The Literary Club has been founded to promote language and literature. Through these activities, literary coordinators (student and teacher) reach out to language and literature lovers and try to create a space for sharing ideas, emotions and thoughts. The Club is instrumental in building a community of creative, imaginative and thoughtful human beings.
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