RU DET Syllabus Library and Information Science

RU DET Syllabus Library and Information Science A GREAT FUTURE RELIES

Library and Information Society
• History of Library, Types of library, Law of library science, Library development in India, US and UK; Library committee and commission
• National library – India, UK and USA, Library movement ,Library legislation and library act
• Library Association –National- ILA, IASLIC, IATLIS; International-IFLA, ALA, ASLIBSLA
• Library and information Science Profession ,Criteria of profession ,Ethics and Duties, Education of library science in India
Library Management
• General Principles of Management and their application to Library management ,library organizational ,Physical planning of libraries
• Library operation ;collection development ,collection maintenance ,stock verification
• Personal management ;library staff ,job analysis, staff manual, library committees, TQM,
• Finical management ;Library finance ,library budgeting ,Cost Effective and cost benefit Analysis ,SWOT,PEST,PERT/CPM
Library Classification and Cataloguing
•Basic Concepts and terminology ,Classification of knowledge, Modes of Formation of Subjects
•Library classification ;Basic Laws, Canons, Postulates and Principles ,Facet Analysis ,Phase Analysis ,Common Isolates
•Library classification Schemes; DDC,CC,UDC
•Library Catalogue; Definition ,types, Physical Forms of Cataloguing, Cannons and Principles
• Library Catalogue Code; CCC,AACR-II
• Standard for Bibliographic Record Formats and Description ; ISBD,MARC 21,CCF
•Indexing; Pre-coordinate, Post-coordinate, Vocabulary Control, Subject Indexing
•Abstracting ;Types
Reference and Information Sources and services
• Reference Services –Concepts and types
• Alternative Services –CAS,SDI,IIL,DDS
• Reference Sources; Bibliographic tools ;language and Geographical ,Biographical
• Information Sources –Concept ,meaning ,types-Primary, Secondary and Tertiary ,Subject Gateways
• Information services –Mobile services, web based services, OPAC, Library Apps ,web portal
• National Information System and Networks – NISCAIR, DESIDOC, SENDOC, DELNET, NICNETERNET ,NKN
• International Information System and Networks-INIS, AGRIS, INSPEC, MEDLARS, BIOSIS, BIS , PIS
• Library Resources Sharing and Library Consortia -National and International
• Data base-Bibliographic, Numeric, full text
Information and Commination Technology
• Data, information, knowledge
• Information life Cycle-Generation, collection, Storage and Dissemination
• Role of information in planning ,Management
• Computer technology :types of software , Library software ;SOUL, KOHA computer networks, internet
• Library Automation ;Digitization ,Housing keeping operation in Library
• Commination- Telecommunication, wireless commination, channels and barriers
• IPR and Legal Issues ,RTI,
Research Methods and Statistical Technique
• Research ;Types of research, Scope and Ethics
• Research methods –Historical, Descriptive, Experimental and Delphi
• Research Design
• Methods of Data collection
• Data analysis
• Metrics Studies in LIS – Bibliometrics, Scientometrics, Informatics, Webometrics
• Trends in Library and Information Science Research
• Impact Factors –Journal, Institutional and Authors
• Research Report Writing and Citation Tools-Structure, style, Style manuals ,