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B.SC. in Agriculture at the school of agriculture consists of a curriculum that is very broad and interdisciplinary consisting of...

About School of Agriculture Science

The School of Agriculture at Renaissance University was commenced to lay the much needed importance on Agriculture. India being an Agriculture centric economy where crops are considered sacred and farmers are considered holy , we strive to bring together the best education related to this field for our students. We believe that our students at school of agriculture can shape the idea of agriculture in the forthcoming years. We have a team of expert members who guide and ignite the spirit of learning into the students.

There are many facets of agriculture which are bright and unexplored. At Renaissance University our students explore those wonderful dynamic opportunities in the vast field of Agriculture. Students are taught to stay-up-to date with the advancement in this field. It is a field so vast that there is a dedicated ministry, Ministry of Agriculture. The root organisations like Indian Council of Agricultural Research and Indian Agricultural Research Institute are the bodies, providing the spine to the structure.

Currently, The School of Agriculture offers two courses:

  • B.Sc. Agriculture
  • M.Sc. Agriculture