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About us




A precise understanding of Renaissance University can be comprehended through its logo that has tried to put in place its vision and philosophy to unveil the true potential of every individual participant and student who is going to be a part of this University. In the logo of Renaissance University, the book is the base that signifies that the roots are in knowledge, education and becoming aware. The darkened background shows that though the world out there has a lot of adversities, trauma, badness, and filth, but the tiny light of lamp of knowledge can end it all. The little greenery signifies hope, that whatever bad happens, there is still a room for goodness, freshness and creation to step in. It stresses to have faith and remain perseverant in your deeds.

The outer circle of the logo denotes multiple intelligence. It emphasizes the individuality of a person and the need to train him/ her individually for his/ her own kind of intelligence. Famous Psychiatrist Howard Gardner revealed the concept of multiple intelligence. He shared that a person can be musically smart, kinaesthetically smart, colour smart, peoples’ smart, apart from being or not being arithmetically smart, which Alas! Is the only kind of intelligence, believed in India.

Education is not learning facts, but training the mind to think. Education does a lot to us. It changes our perspective towards things, other dimensions appear and we become more aware. With the aid of an array of courses that we offer, we shall be putting forth a platform for each kind of student. Individuality matters, and that is why we all are different in some or the other way. Doubtlessly riding everyone the same way is a disastrous template. Let us be creative, let us be different at Renaissance University.