RU DET Research Aptitude


Introduction to Research: Concept, Nature, Types and Characteristics of research, Philosophical and Sociological foundations of research, Prerequisites of research, types of research: Fundamental or Pure research, applied research and action Research.
Research Problem: Meaning of research problem, Characteristics of a good research problem, Formulation of research problem statement, developing objectives and hypothesis.
Sampling: Basic concepts of Sampling, Techniques of sampling, Characteristics of a good sample
Tools of Data Collection: Observation, Interview, Questionnaire, Rating scales, Attitude scales, Schedules, Characteristics of good research tools.
Descriptive Statistics: Tabulation, Organization, and Graphical Representation of quantitative data Measures of Central Tendencies: Mean, Median, Mode
Measures of Variability: Range, Quartile Deviation, Standard Deviation and Coefficient of variation.
Normal Probability Distribution: Properties of normal probability curve, Applications of Normality. Divergence from Normality: Skewness and Kurtosis
Statistical Estimation and Testing: Point and interval estimation of population mean, proportion, and variance; Statistical testing of hypothesis and errors; Large and small sampling tests – Z, t and F tests. Non—Parametric Tests: Chi-square tests; Sign tests; Correlation and Regression Analysis: Two variables case.
Report Writing and Evaluation: Writing of research proposal, Report and Research paper; Writing and presentation of preliminary, Main body and Reference section of report.