top degrees in demand for the future

11 Degrees In Demand For The Future

They say to do what you love. And, that is quite true, especially when choosing a career path. But, frankly speaking, following your heart is not the only thing necessary when making a career choice. While the future of the job market has always been shady, there are still several degrees that can help you earn good and secure your career in the long run.

From an MBA course to pursuing an education in information technology, you sure have a lot of options. But, here are the top degree courses that will be in high demand in the time to come. Read on to explore more.

Top 11 Degrees in Demand For the Future

Here are some of the In-demand degrees for 2023, Do check them out

1. MBA

Want to enter corporate life? An MBA course is perhaps the best way to manage a large team, land a high-earning job, and secure your chances of settling abroad. A Master in Business Administration degree offers intellectual insight into how to run a business. This includes everything like logistics, sales, marketing, human resource management, manufacturing, information technology, and finances.

With a vast area of employment, an MBA can help you secure your career and can be done after any graduate degree. However, the key to the best placements has always been finding the right college.


There’s a thin line between an MBA and a PGDM degree. While MBA is a versatile study of all business operations, PGDM is a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. With a PGDM Course, you can easily become project managers, HR managers, operations consultants, and operations managers.

Unlike MBA, PGDM is industry oriented and focuses more on practical skills like mentorship, industry experience, and grooming programs. Doing a PGDM from a recognized institute can be an excellent option for your future.

3. Accounting

An accounting degree can help professionals get equipped with all the skills required for budget analysis and risk assessment involved in a business. For any company, finances are the center of all core operations. And, ensure it is being managed well is always a priority.

Moreover, according to the forecast by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accounting and auditing careers are expected to grow by 4% by 2029.

Accountants have a lot of job responsibilities like managing all company accounts, ensuring proper tax compliance, and building budgets for the sales and marketing team. It gives you a skill that will give you an edge over computer programing. Moreover, it is one of the field that is least likely to be replaced by machine learning technology.

4. Engineering

Cliché, right? Despite how common it is now, engineering is all about focusing on practical designs and structures to build machinery and buildings. The stream can be divided into several aspects like aerospace engineering, environmental engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

And, with the sudden surges in technology advancements, the realm of engineering is only expected to grow. With the right degree, you can land a job in industries closely related to technology like robotics, rebuilding infrastructure, oil and gas extraction, and renewable energy.

5. Digital Marketing

Yes, this one had to be on our list. Digital marketing has always been around. But, when the Pandemic sent everyone back to their homes, this was the only field that grew multiple times during this period.

Moreover, with everything relying on the Internet and Google, digital marketing can help you navigate the complexities of Google algorithms and increase a brand’s visibility by improving its rank on Google pages.

From organic marketing to initiating several PPC campaigns, digital marketing has helped several businesses grow. And, pursuing your education in this field along with an MBA course can be the perfect way to kickstart your career into the steaming heights.

6. Healthcare

To set things straight, we are not just talking about Doctors. In fact, you don’t need to be a scholar to enter the healthcare industry. Regardless, the industry is massive with diverse sectors. From nurses, caretakers, or a professional handling administrative tasks, you can pursue a course related to healthcare such as MBA in Hospital Administration to secure your career.

Factually, the aging population is on the rise. This means that there will be increased scope for people pursuing a course in the healthcare industry.

7. Psychology

Yes, mental health is still associated with a lot of taboos. But, society has started to recognize mental wellness. Psychology and counseling services can be a great way to understand the human psyche and earn a lot.

Apart from counseling, you can pursue psychology  in clinical, psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, private counseling, and organizational psychology. Also, one can go with MA Psychology, BA Psychology, and others.

It’s true that you might be required to study a lot to get the license, but, once you do, there will be nothing stopping you. You could either get a job in a hospital, open your own clinic or build your own network and provide private sessions.

8. Computer Science

A majority of people prefer coming into business with a company that has a website running on Google. And, with digital marketing, website development has been given a whole new meaning.

Masters Computer Application, BCA or Pursuing courses in software development, application development, or website development can not only help you land a highly-paying job but also allow you to earn a freelance company by getting several gigs.

In fact, this is one of the industries that has not been affected by the Pandemic. For this, you must learn everything from computer languages to understanding the science behind layout.

9. Information Technology

IT is much more related to computer science. But, instead of learning one field, a degree in IT will allow you to tap into modern technology and learn everything from hardware to software.

IT usually focuses on the installation and management of computer systems and the development of technical networks. Graduates in such courses can easily find a job as network architects, research scientists, and support specialists.

10. Biotechnology:

Advancements in biotechnology continue to shape the future of medicine, agriculture, and industry. A degree in biotechnology opens doors to careers in research, development, and implementation of cutting-edge biological innovations.

11. Supply Chain Management:

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the vulnerabilities in global supply chains. Degrees in supply chain management are becoming increasingly valuable as organizations seek professionals who can optimize and streamline their supply chain processes.

12. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI):

As technology becomes more ingrained in our daily lives, the importance of designing user-friendly interfaces grows. HCI professionals focus on creating seamless interactions between humans and computers, enhancing the overall user experience.

13. Cybersecurity:

With the rising frequency and sophistication of cyber threats, the need for cybersecurity experts has never been greater. Degrees in cybersecurity equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to protect sensitive information and fortify digital infrastructure.

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