Renaissance University has a deep philosophy behind it, a legacy to share; where we changed many things. We bought Renaissance University to Education and marched strongly for 10 years, to be at this point, where we find the need to define the way we worked. Our way, that was our pedagogy. Credulously we were always dealing with students, but we dealt differently. We were taking classes, but we taught different. We were completing a certain course, but we served ethics apart from the main course. We were conducting examinations but our way to judge our student’s potential was different.

Our pedagogy at Renaissance University was different; and the difference was in our approach of considering our STUDENTS as PARTICIPANTS. We made them a part of our activities. We never taught them, we mentored them. However we always were conscious of the fact that we remain friendly but don’t turn out to be friends. Certainly this DIFFERENT pedagogy paid us a lot. We earned the faith of the parents along with affection and interests of the students. The student community that was prepared in this course of action, finally won the faith of the world, employers and the society as a whole.

We produced writers, scientists, managers and yes above all, we produced Humans. And this was our Pedagogy. Only the brave teaches.