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Best College for PGDM Courses in Indore | Renaissance University

Both the MBA, PGDM, ( Master of Business Administration and Post Graduate Diploma in Management ), sometimes known as the Post Graduate Programme in Management, are management-related courses. The differences between the PGDM and MBA are minimal and both programmes emphasize business principles. Business-oriented degrees include the MBA and PGDM.

The Best MBA college in Indore offers a variety of alternatives for these degrees. Both courses are primarily intended to prepare students for entering management or moving up the corporate ladder.

The university normally develops the MBA course curriculum. In two MBA institutions affiliated with the same university, the basic curriculum will mostly be the same. However, each institute chooses its PGPM or PGDM programmes. This allows the course programme some flexibility.

Every year, the curriculum is modified according to the business needs. Candidates who complete PGP and PGDM programmes obtain a diploma, but those who complete MBA programmes receive a degree. However, both programmes have the same job prospects.

MBA and PGDM: Primary Differences Between Popular Courses

When considering taking a management degree, students frequently become confused when noting the distinctions between an MBA and a PGDM. Despite similarities in the course content, some significant variances might help us determine whether an MBA or PGDM is more valuable.

If the college has received AICTE approval, the PGDM is comparable to the MBA. Career goals, finances, academic credentials and performance on MBA entrance exams, college ranking and placement history, and PGDM vs MBA income in India are the main criteria we may use to decide between MBA and PGDM programmes.

Although MBA is the more popular course compared to PGDM, a rising number of students are progressively directing their attention toward PGDM in Indore due to its course curriculum, which took into account the current situation when it was built and updated.

The prerequisites for both the MBA and the PGDM are the same: applicants must have an undergraduate degree in any field from an accredited state or central institution.

Both the MBA and the PGDM last for two years, which is roughly the same. However, a few organizations provide PGDM programmes that last a year.

MBA And PGDM Syllabus

The PGDM Syllabus is structured such that it would give applicants a comprehensive understanding and instruction of the management industry through a hands-on approach. The topics covered by PGDM courses include Managerial Economics, Accounting for Management, Business Communication, Information Technology Management, Marketing Management, etc.

The PGDM course structure is divided into two categories: a series of required courses that cover all management fundamentals and a set of optional courses that focus on developing career skills and knowledge. Core and elective subjects are both included in the PGDM course programme.

The PGDM Course List is broken down into 4 semesters, each of which focuses on a different topic. In the majority of the best MBA college in Indore, the first year’s curriculum is identical for all PGDM specialties.

The curriculum for MBA programmes is intended to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the many facets of the management industry and how it fits into the larger business context.

The topics covered in MBA courses are quite diverse and include things like Managerial Economics, Accounting for Management, Business Communication, Information Technology Management, Marketing Management, etc. Instilling management and entrepreneurial abilities in students is a major goal of the MBA Syllabus.

Students must be familiar with each specialization’s syllabus to comprehend the MBA specialization they would select. Students who are interested in banking and other financial topics should review the MBA Finance Syllabus. The MBA HR Course should be reviewed by students who are considering becoming HR executives.

Without a doubt, marketing-focused students should explore the MBA Marketing Curriculum. Students can study the MBA Digital Marketing course if they are simply interested in the electronic form of marketing.

MBA and PGDM Courses Entrance Exams

PGDM and MBA are the two programs that are considered the most promising management degrees offered by various MBA colleges across the country. Admission to top colleges for PGDM in Indore is based on the candidate’s score in an MBA entrance exam that is conducted by different organizations.

In India, there are 8 principal national-level MBA entry examinations. The examinations include the CAT, CMAT, MAT, GMAT, NMAT, XAT, SNAP, and ATMA. The states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana each have their state-level exams, such as the MAH MBA CET, KMAT, AP ICET, TS ICET, etc.

The MBA admission test season typically starts in September or October of each year and lasts through March of the following year. In November, December, and January, there are several well-liked national management tests.

Therefore, the below-detailed schedule of MBA entrance exams would be quite beneficial for you if you intend to sit for these tests this year. The admission tests for MBA programmes vary.

Others assist you in obtaining college admission at the national scale, some at the state and local level, and some are held by selective schools for MBA admissions. You can choose any of the three possibilities, depending on the degree of difficulty and competitiveness you’re ready to deal with.

However, as you get closer to the latter, the number of universities you may apply to based solely on your exam scores declines.

Top colleges in Indore for MBA and PGDM programmes

The major reasons to enroll in a degree or diploma programme are to advance your career and find better employment prospects. Top universities that give PGDMs should be AICTE approved, while institutions that offer MBA degrees must be linked with universities.

1. Renaissance University, Indore


In addition to offering management degrees at the UG and PG, Diploma, and Doctoral levels, this institution offers the best MBA and PGDM in Indore. For courses at Renaissance University, Indore, both full-time and distance learning options are available.

Once eligibility has been established, applicants may proceed with the admission test. Students who attend the university may stay in comfortable dorms thanks to the university’s hostel facilities. The rigorous training and learning environment at Renaissance University educate the students to contribute to the organization in a way that can help bring about development.

This is the reason why the Renaissance always witnesses an influx of businesses each year. The institute has a placement cell set up to carry out the legendary placement procedure, aiming for the best compatibility between the learners and the businesses and assisting both of these parties in making educated decisions.

2. Indore Institute of Management & Research

Indore Institute of Management & Research

One of the best MBA colleges in Indore is the Indore Institute of Management & Research.

Here, you may take courses in management, business administration and all the related specializations of MBA. Whether you are a student or a working professional, you can opt for either a full-time MBA or distance learning program from the best MBA college in Indore.

You can enroll in undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programmes in popular courses including MBA and PGDM.

According to data given to AICTE, the placement rate as per reported by the alumni of this college has been outstanding in the past couple of years. The placement percentages are illustrative and do not account for any lateral student enrolment or the number of students who did not participate in placements.

3. NMIMS Indore

NMIMS Indore

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies: The finest PGDM in Indore is available at this institute, which also provides management degrees at the UG and PG levels. There are several different fields of study available at NMIMS Indore, including management and business administration, engineering and architecture, computer applications, and IT.

At the UG level, the university provides 7 programmes. Only the full-time study style is available for NMIMS Indore courses. The qualifying requirements must be met by students who wish to apply for the NMIMS Indore courses. Students can continue with the NMIMS Indore entrance examination after confirming they are eligible.

The NMIMS Indore placement unit invites renowned individuals to mentor and counsel the school’s students. The placement office at NMIMS Indore offers its students the chance to intern throughout the summer.

4. Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore

Jaipuria Institute of Management

Two courses are available at Jaipuria Indore in the field of management and business administration. One of the best MBA colleges in Indore is the Jaipuria Institute of Management, which also offers PG-level courses. The institute offers two courses: PGDM and FPM.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management is the definition of PGDM. The Jaipuria Indore degree is exclusively offered as a full-time study option. In 2020, 98 % of students of the Jaipuria Institute of Management in Indore were placed. Over 375 companies inspected the institute and held recruitment drives in 2020.

5. SIMS Indore

SIMS Indore

Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science: There are courses available at the undergraduate and graduate levels at the Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science. Full-time courses are available through SIMS Indore.

The courses offered at the Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science include B.B.A., B.Com, B.Com Taxation, B.C.A., P.G.D.M., Executive P.G.D.M., and M.B.A. For its MTech and B.E. programmes, the institute offers additional specializations.

Candidates must first satisfy the eligibility requirements to be admitted to the Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science courses. The institute’s placement cell assists with final-year student placement. Additionally, the cell offers placement training. The SIMS Indore placement programme includes soft skill training, industrial visits, guest lectures, personality development training, and more.

Get admission at Renaissance University


MBA graduates should ensure that finding a job is not difficult after earning their degree. There are several careers accessible in India after earning an MBA, and it is entirely up to you to select the best one.

Depending on the PGDM Specialization chosen, the PGDM course gives candidates a variety of career possibilities, including operations manager, project manager, HR manager, and operations consultant.

One can discover a lot of work chances in the private and public sectors and earn between INR 5 and 10 LPA after graduating from the best PGDM college near me.

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