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Diploma In Acting
Diploma In Acting
The school of performing arts offers a very significant course for budding artists i.e. Diploma in acting. Acting is a very...

About School of Performing Arts

The school of Performing Arts is the latest addition to the programmes offered by Renaissance University. It involves the basic and advanced understanding of dramas, musicals, acting, theatre, stars, glamour and success all at one platform. The courses offered at this school demands high levels of creativity and confidence to perform in front of massive audiences. The maximum focus is always laid on practical knowledge and hands-on education in order for students to enter the highly competitive industry.

The school of performing arts is popular because of the personal attention given to each student to guide and support them to improve their own craft in a way necessary for starting a career in television and films. It is designed for students with all levels of experience to develop their craft as an actor as well as excel at acting in front of the camera. We provide intensive training and inculcate rigorous discipline which is a necessity for building a career in this field. Our primary focus is on :

  • Modern on-camera acting techniques.
  • Acting in front of huge audiences and on screen.
  • Supporting acting classes.
  • Hands-on approach and attention on performing skills.

We at Renaissance University are trying to resuscitate this field by trying to give it life in our own way . We want our students to develop a new thought process that passion can be turned into a profession and it pays too. Moreover the satisfaction of doing something that is of one’s interest lets the appetite get satisfied faster and the money earned thereby does the needful left.

The school of performing arts at Renaissance University currently offers:

  • Diploma in acting