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The school of performing arts offers a very significant course for budding artists i.e. Diploma in acting. Acting is a very popular art form and it is definitely not easy to learn neither stage acting nor film acting. It requires practice, learning, soaking the character, body language, confidence, modulation in speech and expressions, wearing a character, facing the camera, etiquettes in front of camera and much more. Not only does the process require a lot of hard work in order to master it, but also understanding the mechanics and all the technicalities of particularly film acting is what many actors fail to brush up on. Camera acting is not as easy as it looks and in aim to overcome this, the course at Renaissance University aims to skill the students in the following things:

  • Camera Techniques
  • Improvisation
  • Reactions
  • Method Acting
  • Characterization
  • Variation & Voice Culture
  • Industry Jargons

There are a lot of small details which helps one to work better in the industry and create some difference. The manifold features of this programme are:


We can’t save you from theories and concepts and you have to learn them, they are crucial! But we can help you by making the entire course experiential and practical. This Program will put you in roughly 10 short films, 10 in house plays and 2 public shows! Wait we forgot to mention “minimum” there!


Apart from training, experts will help you to style and groom! Yes we have makeovers to give! We would love to join this course ourselves for this.


Celebrity line up! Meet Celebrities – No not standing at a distance and waving at you, but standing in your classroom and talking to you, guiding you and mentoring you! Which celebrity? Hey didn’t we say it’s going to be a surprise !


Show-reel is your CV. Unfortunately, people don’t entertain you easily in Mumbai. They ask for show-reel, and that’s your pass! Guess what, before you even begin to worry about this one, we have made up our mind to make it for you!


If you ace the programme, this is our promise! By the end of this course, you will share the screen with Bollywood celebrities! To know who that would be – you might have to do just one thing – enroll for this course!

Program Highlights
  • Personal attention and one on one guidance to improve the skills for each one.
  • Multiple chances to perform on stage shows in front of a live audience.
  • Opportunities to make and feature in short films.
  • Interactions with successful Bollywood Celebrities.

Candidates must have passed 12th Standard or an equivalent examination, recognized by State or Central Education Board.

Program Fees

Course Fees

1,00,000/- PER YEAR


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+91 9893259892

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Key Facts


15 months

Course Type

Full Time

Course Start

15th july 2020

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