MBA vs MCom

MBA vs MCom: Which Course Is Worth Doing After B.Com ?

BCom is one of the most popular and in-demand courses that most students decide to pursue after completing school.

Furthermore, after graduation, they get a plethora of rewarding career options to pursue in order to shine brightly in the job market.

If you’re planning to pursue a master’s degree after graduation through BCom, MBA vs MCom are courses that confuse most of the students. These two are the best options that pave the way for huge career opportunities and job prospects.

This article provides a complete guide on MBA vs MCom and helps you choose the best for your career growth.

MBA Vs MCom: Best Course After BCom

MBA Vs MCom Best Course After BCom

Masters of Business Administration is a two-year program open to everyone who has graduated from high school.

Renaissance University offers MBA programs at a truly global educational institution in a variety of specializations such as finance, marketing, human resources, information technology, and others.

Students who have completed their B.Com degree can pursue an MCom specialization.

The MCom program is not as well-known as the MBA program, but it is a respected course that focuses on accounting and commerce. Students can enhance their career prospects by also studying ICWA or. Banking, accounting, finance, economics, statistics, and other subjects are covered in the MCom curriculum.

Generally, MCom programs are less expensive than MBA programs.

Here are few differentiator between MBA vs MCom:

1. Career scope

Most students opt for an MBA to work in a gigantic organization with a high salary package or to kickstart their startups. Working in a high-profile job requires managerial skills besides learning accounting, finance, business management, corporate governance, statistics, and supply chain management.

Students of School of Management at Renaissance University, one of the top-rated MBA institutions, offer excellent placement and are a great place to learn and hone skills.

An MBA graduate can look for jobs in the corporate sector that include Chief Financial Officers, Accounting Managers, Financial Analysts, Financial Managers, Traders, HR Managers, Risk and Insurance Managers, Investment Banking and many more.

MCom graduates can apply for a variety of government and private jobs, which include financial planning and advisory, insurance, stock market, financial service sales, banking, and taxation.

Furthermore, after earning an MCom degree , students can apply to doctoral programs or can pursue a career as a professor or researcher. Auditing, accounting, banking and finance, retail, fund management, and management consulting are all options for MCom students.

2. Salary Package

Salary is yet another crucial factor when determining which course to opt for after completion of BCom Course.

MBA programs have an average salary package of Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 12 lakhs.

It massively depends on the university from which you’re pursuing. If you’re studying at a top-notch business school, odds are high that your salary package can go up to Rs. 24 L per annum.

MCom offers an average salary package starting at Rs. 1.5 L and can extend up to Rs. 10 L per annum.

Besides, the salary package highly depends on which university you have enrolled in and the company where you’re recruited.

Salary Package for MBA vs MCom

3. Skill Set

Generally, all degrees require technical skills, which are quite essential in a job. The technical skillset massively differs between the MBA and MCom.

In an MBA, a candidate has to be proficient in using the latest analytics software and should be well-versed in using the latest technologies. In addition, candidates should also understand the technical operations business.

While in MCom, the required technical skills for a candidate are well-versed in finance, accounting, and taxation and they should be able to understand analytical and statistical software.

4. Nature of Job

A brief overview of job and career prospects can help you decide which course to take and what career and job opportunities you can expect from the course.

MBA jobs can include both desk work and fieldwork. The MBA degree leads to high profile jobs resulting in more responsibilities.

There will be times when you meet with clients, sell products and services, and participate actively in the operation and there will also be times when you will be conducting research, analyzing data, making presentations, and interacting with management.

Most MCom graduates end up in desk jobs with little or no fieldwork. However, what they do is critical to the department and company in which they work.

Accounting, taxation, and finance professionals will have significant responsibilities. There are some professions, such as teaching, professor, and lecturer, that require you to be very active. However, most jobs for MCom graduates are not high-pressure, and one can have a good career.

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Which course should you choose?

Both courses are fantastic and serve specific functions. However, the following comparison will show which option is better. It will help you clarify which one is better in MBA vs MCom.

  • Cost – When compared to an MBA, an MCom is significantly less expensive. If you want to pursue an MBA, you must plan your finances carefully.
  • International Value – An MBA degree has international value and can land you a job in another country. However, an MCom degree has no international value.
  • Value for Money – While the MCom is less expensive than the MBA, the MBA is more valuable because you will get a high-paying job right away.

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