Mahasamar - New Event


Renaissance University annually organizes an in house play with the School of Performing Arts teaming up with its own students as performers , technicians and creative team. From building sets to setting the stage on fire the students of Renaissance University put up an forgettable show for the audience of more than a thousand people , screening the same play twice on popular public demand! Here is a glimpse into the most memorable play!!

A tragic tale of the ruthless truth on a modern life depicting the plight of a child whose parents are in a round – the – clock conflict spree, and are persistent in contesting their ways and means of living the life in their own manner. In this turmoil the gloomy child turns mentally disturbed as her sentiments are continuously disregarded by the conflicting opinions of her parents.

This play fundamentally mirrors most of the households in today’s age where the pace of life is overwhelming and deranged for a lot of us. In their disputed life the couple seem to have forgotten the romance, the charm of their relationship  ,which is predominantly replaced by insecurities, resentment, bitterness, distrust, grudges and spite, which they eventually see in their child. That is when they realize that in this relay of life they have buried their own fondness and endearment for one another but by now the child is being subjected to trauma which in turn causes a set back in her academics and also puts her through distress in her well being. She also gets rejected from a competition because of her ailments.

The misery of their child made the remorseful parents resolve their disputes and work towards the furtherance of their beloved daughter. This play is written by our Chancellor Mr. Swapnil Kothari, it was conceived on a notion that how the circumstances at home reflect on a child. A trial of three individuals who live under one roof fight their own battles , but come out victorious only when they come hand in hand and walk with each other. This play “ Mahasamar”  was drawn and framed by Miss Prachi Roy and Mr Agraj Mishra that left the audience tear eyed and full of emotions .

Dubai Convocation - Workshop


An aspiration of reaching eminence dwells in the heart of every student , one such dream came true for the students of PGDM International batch  when they were flown all the way to Dubai for the most special day of a student’s life the “Convocation Ceremony”. A flamboyant meeting followed by lavish lunch was organized by the University for the graduating students.

The palatial ceremony was held at the “Burj Khalifa” and the “Queen Elizabeth Cruise” where the students were felicitated for the profound performance in academics. Every ounce of effort was put in to make this special day for students even more overwhelming and unforgettable, indeed the hardworking students deserved it completely.

This was only a faint overview of the forthcoming success in the life of oracle students of PGDM International.



“Indradhanush” is as colorful as it seems, a scintillating event filled with colors and joy, good vibes and healthy competition. A prize fight between all the courses in the university  to win the laurels and become the conqueror. The Indradhanush is a 3 day event which includes group selfie competition, mono acting, food without fuel, word painting, dance, short film making, extempore, tablo and cultural walk. 
Students contest in teams against each other to be the best ! 
The year 2019 came with a roar when Aparshakti Khurrana ablazed the stage with his magnetic personality, his words, his presence truly entertained yet did not fail to inspire the students. He inaugurated the event with a smile full of positivity.

To commence this grand endeavor and announce the winners for indradhanush 2019  we had with us the inexplicable Kriti Kharbanda, who like her movies thoroughly involved the audience to her mystical beauty and her essence. The moment of truth was awaited by hundreds of students who had put in their heart into making their team win. Everyone was experiencing cold feet and then our beautiful guest announced the winners of Indradhanush 2019. The first position was shared by Public Administration,  BA.hons and mass communication making them the ultimate winners of the event. Even though the celebrations are never ending at Renaissance university , the jolly event was merily ceased by a tug of happiness.

Annual Day - Introduction Ceremony


Annual Day is a fiesta full of happy faces , students from all the four houses combat against each other to win the title of the “Winners”, this tug is between – Vayu , Jal , Prithvi and Akash house displaying the finest talents from all the houses. 

An exhibition of distinctive dance performances were paraded in front of a large audience. These performances were based on various themes which were skillfully performed by the students. This grand endeavor by the students was witnessed by none other than our own Home Minister- Mr Bala Bachchan Sir, who graced the event by being an integral part of the show! His words of wisdom showed the light of guidance to the students and inspired them to believe that all the power lies right within oneself.

We were highly honored to be able to host a personality like Mr Bala Bachchan sir. A man with a golden heart and words of sheer honesty.

The theme based performances earned applause from the crowd and the guest of honour,the performances  won the hearts of all the viewers present on the campus.

Indeed! A great show was put up by all the four houses!

Pablo Picasso Painting Club

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was a Spanish painter, sculptor, print maker, ceramicist and theatre designer. Throughout the long course of his career, he created more than 20,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and other items such as costumes and theatre sets. He is universally renowned as one of the most influential and celebrated artists of the twentieth century.
Pablo Picasso Painting Club at Renaissance University provides a platform to all the members to express their talents in the field of art which otherwise would have remained hidden. It is a community of art enthusiasts with a motive to provide each other a safe space to stay connected and listen to their art. The club has been instrumental in bringing out the creative, expressive and aesthetic potential of each student through various programmes and sessions.

William Somerset Maugham Literature Club

William Somerset Maugham was an English author and playwright. He was one of the highest-paid writers of the early to mid-twentieth century, Maugham wrote fiction, memoir, travelogues, and plays.
The Literature Club at Renaissance University Indore aims to promote all literary related domains such as short story writing, book reading, debating, poem reciting, impromptu speaking, storytelling, creative writing etc. among students. The club throughout the year designs and conducts events aimed at honing these skills.
The Literary Club has been founded to promote language and literature. Through these activities, literary coordinators (student and teacher) reach out to language and literature lovers and try to create a space for sharing ideas, emotions and thoughts. The Club is instrumental in building a community of creative, imaginative and thoughtful human beings.