PHD Programme Induction


Phd Programme Induction Phd Programme Induction

The function was presided by Shri Ravi Kothari, Director, Guest of Honour Mr. Mustafa Mehrim – Chief Finance officer, Dubai Cares – an NGO operating in 58 countries which works with more than 4000 schools. VC and Registrar of RU were present to grace the occasion.
The programme began with seeking the blessing of goddess Saraswati. Dr. Pramod Sharma, Registrar, RU, welcomed the scholars and called for honest, sincere and dedicated efforts. Mr. Ravi Kothari in his interaction with scholars blessed them and stressed on furthering their knowledge through research. Mr. Mehrim in his address, talked about global avenues in research and emphasished that research should go beyond the boundaries. Dr. Rajesh Dixit, VC, RU, sharing his views spoke regarding the human and societal aspect of research. He went to add that, PhD should be viewed as more than a degree. The researcher should choose a topic that adds value to the society – by and large. Dr. Gunjan Shukla shared a brief of her research experience and urged all scholars to have a positive mindset towards the challenges that a researcher faces during his/her PhD work. Dr. Deepmala Gupta presented vote of thanks.