William Somerset Maugham Literature Club

William Somerset Maugham was an English author and playwright. He was one of the highest-paid writers of the early to mid-twentieth century, Maugham wrote fiction, memoir, travelogues, and plays.
The Literature Club at Renaissance University Indore aims to promote all literary related domains such as short story writing, book reading, debating, poem reciting, impromptu speaking, storytelling, creative writing etc. among students. The club throughout the year designs and conducts events aimed at honing these skills.
The Literary Club has been founded to promote language and literature. Through these activities, literary coordinators (student and teacher) reach out to language and literature lovers and try to create a space for sharing ideas, emotions and thoughts. The Club is instrumental in building a community of creative, imaginative and thoughtful human beings.

Ashley Lobo - Dancing Club

ASHLEY LOBO is considered to be the spearhead of international dance in India. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of both The Danceworx (TDX) and Navdhara India Dance Theatre (NIDT). Trained in Australia at the Bodenweiser Dance Centre and at Sydney Dance Company, his career in performing arts comprises over 35 years of performing, choreographing and teaching in India and overseas. Ashley is renowned for his Prana Paint™ technique, a unique sensitizing approach developed by him that explores movement through yoga, breath, connectivity and touch. This notable technique has put him on the international map and led to him being invited to teach and choreograph overseas.
Dance has a culture of its own yet it is a part of every culture, because it is a form emotional expression and social interaction. Dance is mostly associated with the youth, because this generation can dance on any tune or on any occasion.
Ashley Lobo Dancing Club, at Renaissance University has designed so that the students can tap on their energies and correctly pursue this hobby of theirs into a fruitful career. We also have student experts in Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Bi-boing, Jazz etc.

Pablo Picasso Painting Club

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was a Spanish painter, sculptor, print maker, ceramicist and theatre designer. Throughout the long course of his career, he created more than 20,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and other items such as costumes and theatre sets. He is universally renowned as one of the most influential and celebrated artists of the twentieth century.
Pablo Picasso Painting Club at Renaissance University provides a platform to all the members to express their talents in the field of art which otherwise would have remained hidden. It is a community of art enthusiasts with a motive to provide each other a safe space to stay connected and listen to their art. The club has been instrumental in bringing out the creative, expressive and aesthetic potential of each student through various programmes and sessions.

Frank Sinatra Music Club

Francis Albert Sinatra was an American singer, actor, and producer who was one of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th century. He is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold more than 150 million records worldwide.
Music has endless powers, power to soothe a hurting soul, power to heal a wound, power to multiply the joys. Music isn’t just magical but it is peaceful. Music takes you on a journey where most of the times you end up meeting yourself. Symphonized on the purest form of Music; the Frank Sinatra club of Renaissance is an epiphany to the efforts, capabilities and dreams of the budding musicians of the institute.
Frank Sinatra Music – Club at Renaissance University, provides the platform to its students, who are related to music and want to get their souls drowned into the cadence of music, with their voices and instruments.

Alfred Hitchcock Short Film Making Club

Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock KBE was an English filmmaker. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in the history of cinema. In a career spanning six decades, he directed over 50 feature films, many of which are still widely watched and studied today. Known as the “Master of Suspense”, he became as well known as any of his actors thanks to his many interviews, his cameo roles in most of his films, and his hosting and producing the television anthology Alfred Hitchcock Presents.
A combination of good ideas and creative content results in the creation of a gripping short film. Renaissance has come up with a club, which is especially designed for the aspiring film directors and producers by the name of Roman Polanski, a reputed and marvellous film maker. But then this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Making a short film is intellectual and time consuming endeavour. It sets a passage for becoming a future film maker. The purpose of this club is to make the students learn this art and climb the career ladder in this grand world of film making.
Alfred Hitchcock Short Film Making Club, the tips and tricks of film making are taught to the students. Workshops are conducted by partisans of this field to orient our young directors towards nuances of cinematography, script writing and camera handling.

Ernest Hemingway Travelling club

Ernest Hemingway was an American writer and journalist. He is known for his spare, understated writing style, which had a significant influence on 20th-century fiction.
The Travelling club at Renaissance University Indore for provide a platform for like-minded individuals to come together and embark on adventures, build friendships, and create lasting memories and exploring new places.
The travelling club aims to educate students with cultural awareness, planning, logistics, history, geography, language development, adventure and most importantly responsibility and sustainability. From helping students and teachers to grown this group is headed towards broadening horizons and gaining new perspectives.

Arnold Newman Photography club

Arnold Newman was an American photographer known for his distinctive style of environmental portraiture. His photographs are characterized by their strong composition, use of light and shadow, and attention to detail.
The primary objective of the Photography Club is to foster an inspirational and a learning stage where photographers can share their knowledge, learn from each other, and help each other to create compelling and meaningful photographs. The club provides an opportunity for photographers to explore various aspects of photography, including techniques, composition, lighting, and post-processing.
The Photography club offers a range of activities for their members, including photography challenges, workshops, group outings, guest speakers, and exhibitions. These activities provide opportunities to learn new skills, discover new techniques, and share photography experiences with other members.

Kendrick Lamar Rapper’s Club

Kendrick Lamar is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. Lamar’s music often deals with themes of race, inequality, and social justice, and he has been recognized for his contributions to the Black Lives Matter movement and other social causes.
Kendrick Lamar Rappers club provides a platform for aspiring rappers and hip-hop enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and develop their skills and knowledge. The club offers a range of activities and events, including workshops, performances, cyphers, and competitions, aimed at fostering creativity, self-expression, and community building. Members can learn about the history and evolution of hip-hop, develop their lyricism and flow, and explore different musical styles and techniques.
The club other than supporting also educates via several activities The role of hip-hop in promoting social justice, equality, and positive change in the world, and how you can use your music to make a difference.

Health and nutrition club Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda is an American actress, writer, political activist, and fitness guru. Fonda is also known for her fitness videos and books, which popularized the concept of aerobic exercise and helped to revolutionize the fitness industry in the 1980s.
The Health and Nutrition Jane Fonda Club is for a group of individuals who share a common interest in promoting healthy lifestyles and improving their overall well-being through proper nutrition and exercise. The club is dedicated to providing education, support, and resources to help members achieve their health and fitness goals.
The Health and Nutrition Club offers a variety of activities and programs that promote healthy habits and help members achieve their fitness goals. These include workshops and seminars on nutrition and healthy eating, fitness classes and training sessions, outdoor activities, and social events that promote healthy living and community building. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, this club offers something for everyone who is interested in improving their health and well-being.

Oprah Winfrey Speakers’ club for Public Speaking

Oprah Winfrey is an American television personality, actress, and entrepreneur. She has transitioned her hit talk show, which ran for 25 years, into a media and business empire. She became one of the richest and most influential women in the United States.
The Public Speaking Society at Renaissance University aims to provide students with the opportunity to overcome their stage fright, step out of their comfort zone, enhance their communication skills, boost their confidence, promote critical thinking, expand vocabulary, and master fluency.
The objective of the club is to give the required practical skills as well as the knowledge that is vital to ensure they express their thoughts and opinions confidently, clearly and powerfully. The club conducts activities that aim to polish the presentation and communication skills of students and help them in maintaining a healthy personality, it develops leadership skills in students and does everything to help them overcome the fear of public speaking.