Business education is becoming increasingly well-liked as the Indian market keeps changing. Educational institutions are creating more specialized courses to fulfill the needs of the nation’s economic changes. Many methods are available for students who want to major in business or management. The two degrees students who wish to work in management or commerce most frequently choose between BBA vs BCom. It might be challenging to choose the best career path after graduating high school due to the abundance of available options. Students frequently aren’t sure whether to select BCom vs BBA as their study path.

Here is a thorough comparison of the two courses BBA vs BCom to assist you in making your decision.

BCom vs BBA: Key Differences?

After completing their education, students with a background in commerce frequently ask themselves, “Is B.Com better than BBA?,” or “Should I do BBA after 12th class or B.Com?”

Those who want to advance their business knowledge take the undergraduate BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree. The Indian BBA program takes three years to complete. The three-year program is divided into six semesters. Some nations provide the BBA program for four years.

BBA students need to be knowledgeable in various topics, including human resources, international business, operations management, marketing, information technology, finance, and insurance. Students enrolling in a BBA program learn topics that prepare them to manage a business. The BBA course curriculum is structured to lay the groundwork for the MBA program.

Another UG-level course is B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce), which offers fundamental business, accounting, economics, and finance knowledge. A three-year curriculum with six semesters is available in India for the B.Com degree.

The B.Com degree has several prerequisite courses, including business mathematics, business legislation, financial accounting, cost accounting, economics, and general business. Students considering an accounting career after graduating from high school may wish to consider getting a BCom degree.

Some students enroll in the CA (Chartered Accountancy) or CS (Chartered Secretary) program after earning their B.Com degree. After receiving their B.Com degree, students have many other options.

1. BBA vs B.Com: Which course has more scope?

BBA vs B.Com Which course has more scope

Both the BBA and the BCom have lots of scope in the market. The following are some of the primary areas of focus for BBA vs BCom.

BBA program graduates may work as executives in company development, marketing, or human resources. BCom graduates have a variety of job options, including cost accountant, CA, and corporate secretary.

Along with BBA graduates, BCom graduates might choose to pursue an MBA. But whereas BCom is a course that focuses more on finance, BBA includes a lot of the same content as MBA.

BBA graduates often start out earning more money than BCom graduates. BBA and BCom degrees start at $40,000 and $20,000, respectively, in starting earnings.

2. BBA vs BCom: What to choose for Chartered Accounting?

Most students select the BCom program in order to continue their studies in CA. There is no mandate that CA be finished after BCom, nevertheless. Graduates with a BBA degree may choose to work in accounting. There are certain benefits to studying BCom over CA because the subjects are the same. Without having to learn anything else, they may concentrate solely on their CA preparation.

However, students have selected the course they want to study but still get confused while choosing the best College imparting education in both of these courses and other courses.

But now, students don’t need to worry about College because Renaissance University is here to support you in building your career.

Renaissance University Offering BCom (Hons) Course

BCom Hons Course at Renaissance University

If you want to study BCom (Hons) Course, Renaissance University is a Top BCom college in Indore.

Renaissance College, one of Central India’s first educational institutions, has been running successfully since 2006. The ideal location of the Institute substantially helps the parallel educational system. It provides a range of management, business, and public speaking courses and is affiliated with Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya.

However, the Institute encourages extracurricular activities and interests. Academic success is prioritized because it contributes to students’ overall growth.

Renaissance University offers both regular BCom and BCom (Hons) programs. Each course lasts for three years and is a full-time curriculum. By meeting the criteria given below, candidates must be qualified for these courses. Students need a minimum overall average of 50% in a pertinent discipline in class 12 from a recognized institution. A minimum score of 45% is required for candidates in the reserved categories.

BBA Course at Renaissance University, Indore

Renaissance University, a Top BBA College in Indore, India, that awards a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. This three-year degree prepares you for a successful career in management by covering functional areas such as finance, marketing, human resources, and others.

Graduates from the SSC or HSC who aspire to start their businesses and be creative leaders should apply to this undergraduate program. While pursuing this degree, you will acquire a comprehensive and integrated understanding of business in a contemporary, global environment.

Furthermore, there is a significant focus on entrepreneurship in business and management, which will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle critical business operations.

In the first year of this course, you will master general business principles, and in the second year, you will improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills. Your education over the past year has combined all the functional perspectives you have acquired to give you a greater understanding of how to think strategically in a multinational corporation. Thus, this university is the best BBA College in Indore.

Renaissance University Eligibility for Admissions

The student must have passed the HSC or 10+2 examinations from a recognized board in any stream or discipline with a minimum needed percentage in each course. Merit-based and internal criteria determine who is admitted to the Renaissance University Course.

How to Apply to Renaissance University, Indore?

  • All undergraduate applicants who satisfy the requirements must complete an application form, which may be acquired from the official website.
  • Candidates must also pay INR 500 using online banking to receive the form.
  • After receiving the applicant’s completed application, the College will notify them if they were accepted.
  • Since the Institute would reject an incomplete application, candidates must completely and accurately fill out the application form.
  • At the College’s campus, candidates must physically present their application forms and any necessary paperwork.
  • For all future correspondence, the applicant should keep in mind the application number.

Renaissance University Facilities

Renaissance University hostel, cafeteria, library, auditorium, sports field, and cultural center are just a few amenities available to students.

  • Hostels: The College offers clean, well-organized hostel accommodations for both boys and girls. The bedrooms are tastefully decorated and frequently cleaned. The hostel also offers a dining area.
  • Library: The College offers a well-stocked library with important dental literature and periodicals. The College also includes a piece of the internet with the ability to access electronic journals.
  • Cultural Activities: The Institute promotes house culture among its students to foster a healthy sense of competition, creativity, belongingness, teamwork, leadership, and invention. The College is well-known for the numerous cultural and sporting events each month.
  • College Club: The College features well-established clubs in various disciplines, including photography, music, dance, fashion, and literature, among others, where students can learn information and develop abilities. At least one of the clubs must be joined by every student. Every club provides outdoor amenities and frequently hosts workshops.

How are placements at Renaissance University?

Students receive training at the Institute to help them get jobs. Graduates of Renaissance University are eligible for a variety of employment options. About 80–90% of the students are placed in a reputable company due to the numerous reputable companies that visit the College to recruit.

The Institute also offers students required paid internship opportunities with well-known and respected businesses. Students receive excellent support from the faculty members, who also help them prepare for group discussions and interviews.

Why Renaissance University?

  • Heart of the city location
  • Emphasizes the academic excellence of the faculty members
  • Grand occasions planned for pupils’ overall growth
  • Exposure to a wide range of cultural events, developing student’s talents
  • Recognizing the student’s athletic ability and giving them the tools they need to advance in their chosen sport
  • A strong relationship between teachers and students
  • Focuses on teaching our children values to help them become better people


You can opt to pursue a BBA or B.Com study, depending on your long-term goals and the types of foundations you need in your undergraduate degree to help you get there. There aren’t many career distinctions, opportunities for further study, or wages.

B.Com offers a broader range of career options, particularly in finance, whereas B.BA often directs students toward a managerial career.

After completing their B.Com program, students can obtain employment in various fields, such as accounting, the stock market, banking, tax advice, and finance. Graduates of BBA programs can find work in marketing, human resources, finance, and general management.

For more information and details about Renaissance University you can visit our website. There you can get each and every detail about the University.

You are probably well aware of the benefits of getting an MBA degree. Many career opportunities are available for those with experience in the business, financial, and leadership fields. But completing MBA healthcare management can be much more financially profitable if your main goal is to work in the medical field.

Instead of building a broad foundation that can be used by many other organizations, focusing on healthcare management can help you stand out as a candidate for senior leadership jobs in the healthcare industry.

However, before you can start thinking about what you can do with an MBA in healthcare administration, you must first get accepted into a degree program.

Like any other degree, the prerequisites for admission to MBA programs differ from college to college. This suggests that you should start studying straight now. Being ready at all times and knowing what to expect from the admissions process can significantly impact how you apply.

Learn crucial information about each process step, from applying to the school to being admitted to the course, such as the characteristics that distinguish a candidate and admissions eligibility and requirements.

Why Study MBA Healthcare Management?

The goal of an MBA in healthcare management is to create management students for the healthcare sector. A hospital, a pharmaceutical company, or a healthcare organization entrusts the student with managing tasks. The MBA Healthcare Management system is essential for growing the business-related health services sector and improving internal and external interaction mechanisms.

An MBA in Healthcare Management will help you find a fascinating job opportunity and a varied role in many healthcare services. In this industry, demand is increasing daily. In addition to several core professions, one can find employment in the IT industry to maintain data security and integrity and simplify processing various information integrity.

Get admission at Renaissance University

After completing the MBA Healthcare Management course, students will have access to a wide choice of employment options from renowned corporations, with starting wages ranging from 2 lakh to 10 lakh per year. Every business has a different approach to it. The wage range then rises to a maximum of 25 lakh per year.

A career in hospital management, hospital administration, or medical practice management is another area where an MBA in Healthcare Management can be highly beneficial.

When to do an MBA in Healthcare Management?

Students from all professional stages are welcome to apply for the MBA Healthcare Management program. Not their age but how interested they are in something drives what they do. Before enrolling in the MBA Healthcare Management Study, students should be familiar with the course syllabus.

Graduates of any undergraduate or graduate program who cannot secure work may pursue an MBA in healthcare management. Through undergraduate programs, getting an MBA is not impossible. For MBA admission, applicants from all fields are welcome.

Students who have recently finished a bachelor’s or master’s program in any discipline but cannot find employment can enroll in an MBA Healthcare Management Study program, which will help them obtain a decent job with high pay.

Types of MBA Healthcare Management

Types of MBA Healthcare Management

Healthcare management MBA programs are offered in various formats, including full-time, executive, and one-year MBA programs. This is done to satisfy the multiple demands and desires of the students. Some colleges could employ a different technique of selection.

1. Full-time

The two-year, full-time MBA Healthcare Management Program’s primary focus is the healthcare-related industry. At many reputable colleges, two-year MBA programs are offered.

Any entrance exam should have a high percentile cutoff and minimum requirements for students, whether it be the CAT, GMAT, CMAT, XAT, or MAT.

Candidates must also participate in a group discussion and an individual interview. The hiring manager will assess the candidates’ managerial prowess, communication prowess, and capability to handle real-world issues.

The Administration body of the chosen Institute conducted the Group Discussion Round and Interview Round.

2. One-year program

The one-year MBA in Healthcare Management placed a lot of focus on teaching the corporate sector how to organize healthcare-related services.

Students can apply for the one-year MBA healthcare management program if they desire to broaden their knowledge through practical experience or project-related employment. This program will help in developing project management and critical thinking analysis abilities that are important for planning and directing medical healthcare services.

Before doing MBA or MCom you have to clear a Bachelor’s degree in both of the courses. But everyone gets confused between BCom vs BBA . while choosing the field. Let’s make it easy for you by comparing both courses.


BBA has become more popular as a career option than the traditional B.Com degree. The three-year BBA undergraduate degree emphasizes management-related issues more than the four-year B.Com (Hons), which focuses more on finance and commerce studies.

The BBA course curriculum combines the theory of management information systems with finance, marketing, and human resources.

In contrast, the BCom course syllabus analyses commerce disciplines such as accounts, administration, finance, economics, and industrial policy.

Now you will have a question about which college in Indore is preferable for future studies in BBA, BCom, and MBA courses. Renaissance University, a top private university in Indore provides education in all these courses. Now let’s explore practice eligibility, fees, placement, and more about Renaissance University.

Renaissance University Overview

Renaissance University is a top college in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Renaissance University offers various academic programs, from BCom, BBA, and B.Eds.’ through masters and Doctoral Programs. The MPPURC, MPNRC, BCI, I.N.C, and U.G.C are all affiliated with the college, which was established in 2007.

A central library, a tennis court, a theatre, a campus with Wi-Fi, and many other amenities are available at the university. With all of this, Renaissance University has become a prestigious institution of higher learning.

The Renaissance University Indore collaborates with a large number of overseas universities. Students now have a unique chance to extend their perspectives and think critically. The placement program at Renaissance University Indore has also proven to be quite effective, with numerous big companies, including T.C.S, KPMG, HDFC, and others, offering students exciting job opportunities.

According to the organization, learning should include the development of critical thinking skills in addition to the rote memorization of facts. Renaissance University is a center of greatness and advancement because it strongly emphasizes innovation and individuality.

BBA Course

The Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A. Hons.) program at Renaissance University is a learning powerhouse for undergrads. The curriculum makes a lot of effort to meet managers’ needs in business administration.

This curriculum is distinctive because we consistently work to help students develop into more well-rounded people and raise academic standards by exposing them to real-world situations. Candidates must have received 50% (or 45% for SC/ST/OBC) or higher overall in the 12th Standard or a comparable exam accepted by the State or Central Education Board.

Hence, one can consider Renaissance University one of the best B.B.A colleges in Indore.

BCom Course

Renaissance University offers bachelor’s degrees in management, sales, and advertising. Through this course, students can gain the knowledge and abilities needed for employment in sales, personal selling, and advertising. Students will more fully understand the concept of creativity due to the growing importance of creativity in today’s competitive society.

Candidates must have received 50% (or 45% for SC, ST or OBC) or higher overall in the 12th Standard or a comparable exam accepted by the State or Central Education Board. So Renaissance University is the best B.Com college.

Renaissance University Placement 2022

The college maintains a robust and active training and placement component on campus to assist students in becoming ready for the workforce.

This organization often arranges training sessions and business gatherings. Many of the school’s students from domestic and international programs have been hired by reputable M.N.C.s with attractive compensation packages because of Renaissance University’s track record of successful placements.

Despite having high numbers for both programs, Renaissance University’s international program places students more frequently than its domestic program.

Renaissance University Placement 2

Renaissance University Campus

The college has a large, modern campus with all the facilities a student might want to foster overall growth. The campus has a heated indoor pool, cutting-edge fitness centers, a central library, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, a moot court, modern classrooms, a canteen, and a Wi-Fi-enabled campus.

There are various clubs and groups on campus for students with a wide range of interests. Writing, acting, theatre, music, travelling, business, and filmmaking clubs are available. Renaissance University ensures that its students’ extracurricular activities are appropriately encouraged.

To Sum Up

B.Com is a more focused program, but B.B.A. is a better option for individuals looking to strengthen their managerial skills and go on to study management. So, before deciding between the two, it is always best to assess your ability, abilities, and interests.

We comprehend that selecting the best course for you might be challenging. You may narrow down your choices for a system that will play to your strengths and assist you in achieving your goals with the assistance of the professionals at our website.

If you wish admission to Renaissance University, don’t forget to reach our website for more information about University. You will get more details related to the courses, fees, admission, and other information.

Did you just complete your graduation? Congratulations! After this, you can enter the corporate world or pursue higher education to build a more compelling skillset. If pursuing higher education is something you prefer, you have two further choices: a Masters or an MBA. Whether you choose any course between Masters and MBA, maker sure that you pursue your degree from a top college/university.

But which one is the right option for you? This one requires careful consideration. The stream you choose might help you accomplish all your career goals. So, which one’s it gonna be? Still confused?

Don’t worry; you are at the right place. Read on to identify the several benefits both options offer and why you should choose one.

Masters vs MBA: An Overview On MBA

Masters VS MBA_ An Overview On MBA

For all those business aspirants, thus one might be for you. MBA, or long for Masters in Business Administration, is an in-depth study of what it takes to run a successful business and understand the core competencies of business like finance and management.

It’s true that a Master’s course and an MBA are at an equal level of post-graduation, but pursuing MBA course from a top MBA college allows you to develop the needed business skills.

Unlike a Masters, where you can pursue education right after graduation, you might be required to have some work experience if you are willing to pursue an MBA. You can also choose a number of different specialties and pursue the one that interests you the most.

Moreover, MBA courses are highly competitive. Meaning, you would need good grades to get in. This is why they are a little more esteemed than a Master’s degree. In short, if you have a goal to start your own business or get into the skills required to run one, this might be a great option for you.

Why Pursue An MBA?

It’s true that an MBA is no better than a Master’s course, in terms of certificate validity. However, choosing an MBA depends upon what you desire. Are you looking to develop your skills in a business-specific field? Or, do you think pursuing an MBA will suit your career path and set you apart from other applicants? Once you have answers to these questions, you’ll know what to choose.

The best advantage of pursuing a top MBA course is that you will be internationally recognized. So, if you want to land a job abroad, an MBA is full of hope. However, pursuing an MBA abroad isn’t going to be cheap.

To make the decision, determine your future plans. Do you have prior experience, or are you willing to get one? Consider the above pointers before you invest your time and money.

Entry Requirements For MBA Program

When we said MBA is highly competitive, we meant it. Yes, the course is highly rewarding, but do you have the grades to get in? Most MBA programs require you to have a grade of 2:1 or above on a graduation degree. If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, you might still qualify if you have prior work experience.

The primary difference between an MBA and a Master’s degree is that you might be required to have at least three years of prior experience to pursue an MBA. You must also pass an entrance exam, GMAT, in most cases, and get a score of at least 650-690 to qualify.

Masters VS MBA: An Overview On Masters Degree

A Master’s degree is a level-up of a graduate degree that you can pursue right after the course. Unlike an MBA, where you are required to choose the specialization, Masters requires you to select a subject. It could either be English, economics or even psychology. You can also pursue a Masters in Arts or Masters in Science. The fee and course structure vary on the subject you choose.

Generally, a postgraduate degree can last for one or two years, depending on whether you are studying in a full-time or a part-time course. Unlike an MBA, a Master’s degree is an independent study where you dive deep into the subject you pursue. Moreover, the research involved is also less, compared to a graduation course.

Why pursue a Master’s degree?

There are several reasons as to why you would like to pursue a Master’s degree. Here are some of them-

  • Boost your salary prospects
  • Develop expertise in a particular field
  • Pursue a PhD
  • Changing careers
  • Finding progress in current careers

The best thing about a Masters is that you don’t have to dive deep into studies the moment you graduate. You can take enough time to analyze your situation and choose a subject that will complement the career path you want to select.

Entry requirements For Master’s

Unlike an MBA, you don’t need to show any prior experience or existing knowledge in a particular subject to pursue an MBA in that course. However, certain courses might require you to have general knowledge. Masters in Art, is perhaps the easiest to qualify for. Other Masters, on the other hand, might require you to be a graduate in that specific degree.

You might also be required to talk to an expert in the college so they can analyze your interest in the education and then deem you eligible.

Which One To Choose?

Now that you know the striking differences between the two, how do you choose the one? The key is to find what you want.

Cliché, right? We have just the way to help you determine the course you should pursue. Here are some of the questions you must answer to choose between MBA VS Masters.

What do you want to learn?

You must note that a Masters focuses on a particular industry. So, if you pursue that, you will only be learning about that particular industry. So, find out what you want to know. Do you want to polish your marketing skills, business skills or management skills? If any of these skills is your goal, choose MBA. However, if you want to get into English literature, psychology or science, choose Masters.

What your goals for business school should be?

If you want a job in a specific field, choosing a Master’s degree is a good option. But, if you are not able to convert that subject and the skills learned into a full-time paying job, you can go for an MBA. Do you want to learn finance or human resource management? Or, is it business analytics? Before you choose a college to pursue MBA, choose the specialization you want to pursue.

Get admission at Renaissance University

Do you have any experience?

If you are new to the corporate world and don’t have any experience under your belt, choosing a Masters is a good option. You can always go for an MBVA once you get enough experience and decide what’s best for you.

Do you want to explore a different industry in the middle of your career?

Thinking about changing career paths? Masters can allow you to learn everything you need to know about a specific industry. You can also choose to do an internship in a specific field to figure out if this is what you want to do for the rest of your life.

What will your job options be?

If you want to get into managerial posts or high-level senior posts, you can pursue MBA.

Finding The Top MBA Course? Here’s The Answer

Your bright career starts with finding the right university. If you are searching for Best MBA College near me, then Renaissance University can be best option to pursue the best MBA courses with a proper emphasis on practical knowledge. Check out our website to choose the best specialization now.

They say to do what you love. And, that is quite true, especially when choosing a career path. But, frankly speaking, following your heart is not the only thing necessary when making a career choice. While the future of the job market has always been shady, there are still several degrees that can help you earn good and secure your career in the long run.

From an MBA course to pursuing an education in information technology, you sure have a lot of options. But, here are the top 11 degree courses that will be in high demand in the time to come. Read on to explore more.

In Demand degrees for future

Here are some of the In-demand degrees for 2023, Do check them out

1. MBA

Want to enter corporate life? An MBA course is perhaps the best way to manage a large team, land a high-earning job, and secure your chances of settling abroad. A Master in Business Administration degree offers intellectual insight into how to run a business. This includes everything like logistics, sales, marketing, human resource management, manufacturing, information technology, and finances.

With a vast area of employment, an MBA can help you secure your career and can be done after any graduate degree. However, the key to the best placements has always been finding the right college.


There’s a thin line between an MBA and a PGDM degree. While MBA is a versatile study of all business operations, PGDM is a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. With a PGDM Course, you can easily become project managers, HR managers, operations consultants, and operations managers.

Unlike MBA, PGDM is industry oriented and focuses more on practical skills like mentorship, industry experience, and grooming programs. Doing a PGDM from a recognized institute can be an excellent option for your future.

3. Accounting

An accounting degree can help professionals get equipped with all the skills required for budget analysis and risk assessment involved in a business. For any company, finances are the center of all core operations. And, ensure it is being managed well is always a priority.

Moreover, according to the forecast by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accounting and auditing careers are expected to grow by 4% by 2029.

Accountants have a lot of job responsibilities like managing all company accounts, ensuring proper tax compliance, and building budgets for the sales and marketing team. It gives you a skill that will give you an edge over computer programing. Moreover, it is one of the field that is least likely to be replaced by machine learning technology.

4. Engineering

Cliché, right? Despite how common it is now, engineering is all about focusing on practical designs and structures to build machinery and buildings. The stream can be divided into several aspects like aerospace engineering, environmental engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

And, with the sudden surges in technology advancements, the realm of engineering is only expected to grow. With the right degree, you can land a job in industries closely related to technology like robotics, rebuilding infrastructure, oil and gas extraction, and renewable energy.

5. Digital Marketing

Yes, this one had to be on our list. Digital marketing has always been around. But, when the Pandemic sent everyone back to their homes, this was the only field that grew multiple times during this period.

Moreover, with everything relying on the Internet and Google, digital marketing can help you navigate the complexities of Google algorithms and increase a brand’s visibility by improving its rank on Google pages.

From organic marketing to initiating several PPC campaigns, digital marketing has helped several businesses grow. And, pursuing your education in this field along with an MBA course can be the perfect way to kickstart your career into the steaming heights.

6. Healthcare

To set things straight, we are not just talking about Doctors. In fact, you don’t need to be a scholar to enter the healthcare industry. Regardless, the industry is massive with diverse sectors. From nurses, caretakers, or a professional handling administrative tasks, you can pursue a course related to healthcare such as MBA in Hospital Administration to secure your career.

Factually, the aging population is on the rise. This means that there will be increased scope for people pursuing a course in the healthcare industry.

7. Psychology

Yes, mental health is still associated with a lot of taboos. But, society has started to recognize mental wellness. Psychology and counseling services can be a great way to understand the human psyche and earn a lot.

Apart from counseling, you can pursue psychology  in clinical, psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, private counseling, and organizational psychology. Also, one can go with MA Psychology, BA Psychology, and others.

It’s true that you might be required to study a lot to get the license, but, once you do, there will be nothing stopping you. You could either get a job in a hospital, open your own clinic or build your own network and provide private sessions.

8. Computer Science

A majority of people prefer coming into business with a company that has a website running on Google. And, with digital marketing, website development has been given a whole new meaning.

Masters Computer Application, BCA or Pursuing courses in software development, application development, or website development can not only help you land a highly-paying job but also allow you to earn a freelance company by getting several gigs.

In fact, this is one of the industries that has not been affected by the Pandemic. For this, you must learn everything from computer languages to understanding the science behind layout.

9. Information Technology

IT is much more related to computer science. But, instead of learning one field, a degree in IT will allow you to tap into modern technology and learn everything from hardware to software.

IT usually focuses on the installation and management of computer systems and the development of technical networks. Graduates in such courses can easily find a job as network architects, research scientists, and support specialists.

Looking For The Best Colleges For MBA In Indore? Your Search Ends Here

Get admission at Renaissance University

Finding success in digital marketing has to do with finding the best college near me. With Renaissance University, Indore, you get to learn all the practical skills required to run, manage and improve business operations efficiently. The university offers several specializations in business administration and placements as well.

Get in touch now to kickstart your career.

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Pablo Picasso Painting Club at Renaissance University provides a platform to all the members to express their talents in the field of art which otherwise would have remained hidden. It is a community of art enthusiasts with a motive to provide each other a safe space to stay connected and listen to their art. The club has been instrumental in bringing out the creative, expressive and aesthetic potential of each student through various programmes and sessions.

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